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Happy Birthday Altavox

Altavox is started.
After 8 years, more than 50 productions, 10 nominations for the Latin Grammy and 3 awards won, after millions of albums sold, products that collected prestigious prizes and broke every record in the pop market, both Spanish and Latin, the Altavox Team has good ground for satisfaction. And starts dreaming of new goals…

Many people have contributed to our growth:
Above all, the artists; without their esthetics we wouldn’t be here anyway: each musician and technician that always gave his very best for the good result of the project; each manager that had the guts to think big and make things go right.

We are happy to work with many distinguished and intelligent professionals with a great heart. We know this is a luxury and we like to do all we can to maintain this state of affairs and return the courtesy.

Then we must say that there is a great crowd of supporters that follow our progress and side with us, patting us on the shoulder or pulling our ears in hot spots. Their friendship is important to us.
To each one of them our warmest thanks.

Today the count down for September the 26th is nearing the goal. START!