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Jerry Rivera: Ay mi vida

Puertorican singer Jerry Rivera is about to release his new album “Ay Mi Vida”.
The production of 6 of the tracks was carried out by Emanuele Ruffinengo and Altavox. Moreover, 4 songs in the album were written by our authors and published by Stay Tuned, our own publishing company. “Ay Mi Vida” (Sony-Bmg Latina) will be in stores starting November 1st.

Here are the full credits:

“Alto mas” (Emanuele Ruffinengo, Elena Roggero)

“Ay mi vida” (Danilo Ballo, Mario Lavezzi, Elena Roggero)

“No te rindas” (Danilo Ballo, Elena Roggero, Emanuele Ruffinengo, Antonio Castro)

“Right on time” (Danilo Ballo, Elena Roggero)

Emanuele Ruffinengo also produced “Sobre tu piel” and “Ya nunca mas”.

The album was mastered by Roberto Maccagno.