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Mario Frangoulis: Follow Your Heart

Sony Music Entertainment (2004) U.S.A.

1. Here’s To The Heroes
2. Adagio
3. Follow Your Heart
4. Hay Màs
5. Bridge Of Dreams
6. Un’Anima Sola (Ave Maria)
7. Another World (Va’ Pensiero)
8. Benedictus (Cantico alla Musica)
9. Enas Hartinos Ilios (Paper Sun)
10. Cu’mme
11. Dance
12. Come What May

Produced by:
Emanuele Ruffinengo (Songs 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12)
Steve Wood (Songs 1, 3, 11)
Arrangements: Emanuele Ruffinengo, Bob Benozzo, Danilo Ballo, Fabio Perversi
Recorded at: Air Studios (London), Sony Music Studios (New York) Central Tarifa (Cadiz)
Emanuele Ruffinengo, Danilo Ballo, Bob Benozzo, Jan Kotzmann, Elias Lakkas, Pablo Arraya
Cristina Valente
Mixed at:
Rem Studio (Bra)
Mixed by:
Roberto “il Mac” Maccagno
Mastered at:
Nautilus (Milan) by antonio Baglio
Orchestration: Josè Antonio Molina
Guitars: Claudio Devecchi
Spanish Guitar: Ludovico Vagnone
Strings: The Plucked String Orchestra Municipality of Patras
Keyboards and programming: Emanuele Ruffinengo, Danilo Ballo, Bob Benozzo
Backing Vocals: Danilo Ballo, Elena Roggero
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