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2010 Mexican Telethon’s Official Song by Emmanuel and Alexander Acha

Bob Benozzo produced “Grandes”, the official song of the 2010 Mexican Telethon. The song composed by Alexander Acha is performed by Emmanuel and Alex himself.

Check out the video on YouTube
60” commercial


Ojos de Brujo - Corriente Vital

Warner Music Spain releases “Corriente Vital” that celebrates 10 years of Ojos de Brujo. The album traces the career of the Band reinterpreting their major hits performed with high-profile Spanish and International guests.
Bob produced 3 songs for the album: “Todos Mortales” performed with Roldán of Orishas, “Nueva vida” with Bebe and “Ley de Gravedad” with Jorge Drexler.


Juan Velez

Juan Velez’s second album “Te Tengo o Te Terdí” hits the charts, reaching #1 in Puerto Rico and #3 in the US. Bob participated in the album with the production of the song “Como Antes”.
Bob’s collaboration with Juan, winner of the 4th edition of Objetivo Fama, began in 2007 when Bob largely produced his debut album “Con Mi Soledad” alongside Sergio George.


India nominated at Latin Grammy

“Única”, India’s latest album produced by Sergio George and released by Top Stop Music, received a nomination for Best Salsa Album at the 11th Latin Grammy Awards. Bob contributed to the album as recording engineer for the song “Estupida”.


Mario Lavezzi ‘s new album at work

Bob is currently working on a song for Mario Levezzi ’s upcoming album. The album will be released sometime at the beginning of 2011.


Ojos de Brujo

New collaboration with Spanish band “Ojos de Brujo” following the remix of the song “Nueva Vida” by Bob last year. More details soon…


Flamenco Chill-Out Library

Flamenco Chill-Out library produced by Bob is out at Killer Tracks. Bob, defined “the guru of Chill-out”, pioneered this music genre producing Spanish band Chambao that represents for Flamenco what Gotan Project is for Tango. Check it out at http://www.killertracks.com (Killer Latino - KL11)


Diego Martin - Melicia

Melicia, Diego Martin’s 3rd album was released last April, 7th by Warner Spain. The album was produced by Bob and includes a duet with well-known Spanish singer Malú with the song “Haces llover”.


Yo No Sé Mañana - Remix

New version for the hit “Yo No Sè Mañana” by Luis Enrique. This time Bob, together with his friend Phil Rizzi, produced a house-lounge remix, part of the special edition “Ciclos (The Gold Bundle)”. Check it out on iTunes:


Luis Enrique’s Ciclos got a GRAMMY

The album Ciclos by Luis Enrique won as “Best Tropical Latin Album” at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. Working alongside master producer Sergio George, president of the Top Stop Music Label, Bob contributed to the album with the production of the pop version of the hit “Yo No Sé Mañana,” which served as the liftoff point for the release of “Ciclos.”